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We're glad you've taken the time to visit the Journals of From the very beginning, we wanted to offer more to the people who visited our site than simply a place to shop for knives.  Knives and the collecting of them draw people with backgrounds and interests as varied as the knives themselves.  We thought that the Journals would be a good way to gather together interesting information and share it with our visitors.

Some of that information may be related to collections and pieces acquired.  Some may be advice on the care and handling of treasured collectibles.  Still more information may be of a historical nature - fact or speculation about the origins of a piece, or its usage or past owners. Other essays may have nothing to do with a specific object at hand, but could express the writer's thoughts about collecting and collections.  About the changes in the world which have made the acquisition and care of objects from days gone by an important undertaking.  About collecting as a means of preserving some remnant of days long past.

Feel free to forward your suggestions, advice or literary contributions.  We will consider all for publication in the Journals, and thank you for visiting our site.


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