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In 2000, Billy Cochrane, the owner of, began his foray into the world of knife collecting with the simple intent of purchasing distinctive, well-made pocketknives for his two young sons.  He wanted to present them with something meaningful, tools that were classic in line that would be useful to them throughout their lifetimes.  It was in the course of seeking out these special knives for his boys that Billy became immersed in the world of knives and knife collecting.  His vision has expanded from those two small pocketknives to offering a whole range of classic, quality knives for collectors from around the world.

We are pleased you've found the site, and hope you will return often!  In addition to the knives that Billy offers in our Catalog, we will be adding showcase columns from the archives of our popular Last Cast e-zine, as well as informative selections from the Journals of


Pip, Sam and Billy

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